smoking-wallpapersGazing through my window

In the breeze running slow

Rows of palms

& dunes of castles

I saw a deep blue ocean

A beautiful ocean………

It gasped my mind

& my heart

& my eyes

& my soul

Carrying so many lives

Inside her water

A white shark

& also jelly fish

I saw a deep blue ocean

A beautiful ocean….


Peeping inside my life

Like a romantic movie

An innocent smile

& a positive vibe

I saw a girl

A beautiful girl…..

Carrying so many emotions

Inside her life

She closed my mind

& my heart

& my eyes

& my soul

I saw a girl

I saw a beautiful girl….


Listening to the radio

Playing records of my broken dreams

& flute of my lost confidence

& lyrics of crisp thoughts

& chorus of fake friendship

I hear a life

I hear a beautiful life…..

Carrying so many songs

Inside my reels

Some of proud

But some of honesty

I play a song

Of my reality

& I hear a life

I hear a beautiful life…..


Cigarette in my hand

Attempt of making rings

& thoughts of quitting it

I burned a flame

I again burned a flame….

In the cloud of smoke

I see a huge chaos

& crowd of my running thoughts

In attempt of making them silent

&  attempt of making rings

I burned a flame

I again burned a flame….

In midst of smoke & I realize

Ocean never calms

Thought never stops

Song never ends

Ring never becomes

& love never comes

So I burned a flame

I again burned a flame…..












SONY’s Journey

wallpaper-desktop-sony-wallpapers.jpgWalkman, Vaio, Bravia, XPeria are just few names of this tradition changing brand – SONY. Their music system has literally thrilled our college life & those having their products were seen walking with so much proud & arrogance. But this decade doesn’t seems so promising for their brands & especially in Indian markets they are counting their last breath. PS4 alone counting 78% of their whole profits, their smartphones & laptops are almost in the coffin of dead products.

Founded by Masaru Ibuka & Akio Morita in Tokyo after World War 2, company’s first product “Electric Rice Cooker” was a massive failure. Their 2nd product “Electric Blanket Heater” was again a failure and all of a sudden their reputation was at stake. But a will to bring a change in the world didn’t stop them & their third product “Tape Recorder” which becomes a massive hit in Japan. later along with Western Electronics they got access of Transistors & made first Walkman which becomes a worldwide hit product & Sony entered in Global Market.

They also entered in Insurance company , music industry, cassettes & CD’s & with the strating of 90’s Internet Age & 21st century Digital Age, they entered in home theatres, DSLR’s cameras, smartphones & laptops. Among Indian consumers they were the first choice of electronics gadgets & many people including me bought Sony-Vaio & Sony Xperia. With stylish look & tough hardware they were well settled brand among us.

But with time they gradually fell. There were hardly any innovation in their products & design of all their smartphones were look alike. There were hardly any changes in their products. They stopped making something new & failed to present some new technologies in front of us. While on other hand Samsung & Apple were making constant progress in their technologies.  Then comes the Chinese brands MI,1+, oppo etc which were good as well as cheap and very rapidly they set up their market & replaced all those brands who refused to change their strategies.



Once I was looking for a laptop & I wanted to replace my Sony Vaio with new one but then I come to know that Sony has stopped production of Vaio. It was hard for me as a Sony lover because then I didn’t know anything about business & globalization.

When 1 reporter asked their CEO about their failure He said “Sony is too big company. We were just unable to bring change among all 1 lakhs of employees.” Along with it, in my opinion Japanese business culture is also responsible for their failure. In their culture they don’t suspend who are not productive & they tend to continue their partnership with  their old partners for long time because of which almost all Japanese brand including Kawasaki, Toshiba etc had failed to bring something new.

As Lord Krishna said in Bhagwad Gita “Change is the law of Nature” . & even Darwin’s theory stated ” It’s not the biggest or strongest who survived,it’s that species who is fast enough to adapt the changing condition is the one which survives” .  & Sony just failed to adapt the fast changing marketing environment of 21st century.

Here’s a link where you can get more info

Attached is the stock market performance of Sony since they entered in global market in 1970. 1998-2000 was their peak time but suddenly they fall drastically & now they are trying hard to gain profits (all because of their Play Station & Insurance sector).

Screenshot (2)







It’s been a long time writing any blog but now I am back .

In the time of up & down, I got the job in Accenture & currently I am living in Pune. Best part is I am again room partner with my best college buddy. We are living same as we used to live in college. Though I am working in Accenture(an IT firm) there’s nothing I am doing like an IT employee 😀 . Drinking high profile beer on every Saturday night in “The Beer Café” life is going very chill which I actually don’t want .

So I have decided to go back to my past, where I was living my passion of art, chess & technology. Recently I have turned my interest in business & I have gain enough knowledge on Chess & Business & I think Blog is the best way to share my ideas with you guys. So I have started to write blog again.

I have chosen to share this Catia’s pic because it is something I am still proud of which in reality I made 2 years ago & I have very rare grip on Catia. Catia is one of the best product designing CAD tool which I learnt in my final year of engineering college. I hope you guys will like it.

My upcoming blogs will be about the art which I made, about chess openings & business view. I wish reader of my blog will share their view also since I am not perfect & made it a platform of sharing ideas.



1 Rong Road

After a long time,for about 10 months I think,,,finally a blog.

I know everything is changed by now,I don’t have same readers as before but still for my personal satisfaction I am writing this simple blog,nothing technical nothing complex.

Now I have transformed from a college dude to a working class sober man….i think I am sober hahaha. But now I am working in Accenture, currently living in Pune,completely different from my last city i.e Mumbai.

In these 10 months I become chess champion in my company. With learning of just 6 months I crossed 1800 ELO Rating which in chess world is very fast. & big thing is I did it while being in my job training. People start chess in their childhood like 6 or 7 while I start playing at age 22. So you can guess how much late I was. But I played some of the extraordinary & creative games in such short period of time. Here people don’t accept that I started playing just 6 months ago hahaha.

But really Chess has completely transformed my life. First of all it showed me what I am capable of. If I can excel in such new challenges,I can excel in many new challenges too. Literally I was so addictive in chess,I had to stay away from the board for 3 months, but even after 3 months I beat players who were regularly playing. That was unbelievable & unimagined. 

Now i don’t play it anymore but I usually do practice openings,tactics & strategy.

But what I am going to share in this blog is 1 wrong decision I made in Mumbai.

I was so happy at starting because the group I got was extremely funny. I had so many great moments with them. Then I befriend with 1 girl. She was great no doubt. But when she got engaged with ny group she reacted very differently with me. Maybe she got interested in 1 of my friend,I never cared but she starts ignoring me & I felt about myself. Im due course of time I come to know that I was the face of their backbitching. Suddenly my group fall apart & the people whom I trusted so much behaved so differently just because of 1 girl. 

In that time I decided to ignore them & complete devotion to my games. Chess helped me alot in diverting my mind from negativities & focussed myself on sharpening my skills. Whole january I played more than 100 games & after that I never looked back. Well I came to know some harsh truth of human nature & social relationships but I am satisfied about that 1 RIGHT ROAD which I have chosen. 

Thank you all for taking your time in reading such boring blog😄😄😄


Again history repeats itself. The girl whom I like is prefering my friends more. It’s weird but this time I was well prepared so I cut off with her. But scenario are different now. 

That time I was making car,this time I am playing chess. With just 5 months if practice I am beating people who are playing since childhood. Tactical,strategical & in all other aspects, I have improved alot. But in due course I went far far away from my friends. My social life completely fucked up & I am a big loner now who is no more intrested in people & their talks & never gets out of his room. The only 2 things in my mind are chess & she & I am extremely good in 1st thing while extremely bad in 2nd. 

I was sad when she called my friend,told him about her problems instead of me. So I simply left his room & came back to mine. Wanted some time alone so I went to terrace & I was thinking about my reality which is completely shattered. But then I saw a plane in the sky. & I was thinking there are more bikes on roads than flights in sky still people stare those planes. It’s because plane’s engines are so powerful that it lift up the plane from ground while bikes engines can’t. So I should be more focussed on my chess.

But reality is it’s extremely hard when nobody is watching & appreciating your efforts. When you have friends but nobody to talk. I observed in myself that I am not desperate for gf either. If that would be the case, I would have been learning guitar rather than boring chess. I want strong people around me who are desperate to make the difference in this world. The truth is people around me are unable to understand my thoughts & work. They are much more towards instant smaller joy rather than long term achievements. On the other hand my introvertism has completely changed me. I hate talking about companies,foods,neighbors,teachers etc which are short term. Instead I prefer to talk about major issues which are hard to solve & involved complete mind heck. But people especially girls don’t understand it. They prefer guys who show them that they are nice & funny & cool & take them to the bar instead of a guy who is playing on 64 squares board in a room. 

I have no complain with my fate & God. I may not get smaller things but I got many big things too like my Canadian & Serbian friends who always gave me another chances. I am not sure how long they will stay with me but still… 

My imaginations & dreams are very beautiful but my reality is very shattered & I am caught up in this web of imbalance. The truth is I simply can not hold both of thimgs because if i start interacting with people then I feel I am wasting my time & not practicing properly & I simply cann’t compromise with my chess.I asked my friend & he gave me very diplomatic answer. He was correct but I got the sense that he never wears my shoes that’s why he don’t know how much it biting me & thats why he is saying it so casually & diplomatically. 

So finally I decided to write a blog & thought if any experienced person can figure it out whether i am right or wrong. 


What if Santa Claus would be real.

What if he went to Alleppo to give gift to those children.

What will those children ask for their gifts.

Chocolates or their family???

Will Santa be able to give them their happiness? Will Santa be able to brimg smile on their scared faces? Will Santa be able to explain that Allah & God are One?? Will Santa be able to erase all those deadly memories?

What will happen if SANTA WENT TO ALLEPPO???????

My Trick

My trick is working. Hahahha..

Sorry,..My trick of making friends is working.

The day i joined my company i observed people engaged in friendship so fast & i felt left out. I was like ” will i ever be able to make friends?” 

But i simply followed the path which i took in my last year of engineering college. “Be Yourself”. 

People always tends to attract with those people who are confident & focussed on their own work. Like I was focussed on my art few months ago & now in Chess. Within a week I become well known figure in chess in my company. Everybody surrounds my table when they see that I am playing Chess. Whether it’s white or black,slow or fast chess, I have rocked in every genre. But the most shocking thing happened when I lost with 1 guy & I was continuously thinking for 4 hours in my training room,analyzing where I did the mistake. My friends who sit along with me were shocked that I am not at all noticing what’s happening in class & simply sitting in 1 corner thinking about something. When they came to know the reason they were shocked that how come somebody behave like this!!! & after that they really got attracted. FYI I beat that guy brutally after 4 hrs😂😂😂😂 But after that incident I stand apart from rest of the batch. 

When I joined the company I saw many good looking guys & girls in my batch & i was depressed that I will stand nowhere among them. No girl will ever look at me. But few days ago I simply said Hi to a girl because we are in same batch & she was passing by me. We reached office early that day so we had coffee together & all of a sudden we started some conversation & by no time we become so good friends that everytime we hang out with eachother. I like her  the first time I saw. She is superhot than me that’s why I rejected my feelings & suppressed it. Now we become good friends. I’m not sure about her feelings & maybe it’s quite early to say anything & I am very dumb to understand what a girl think & want but on 12th december I am switching my office to a new place. It’s bad😪.

But I am happy that there are people who wants to be my friends. I never approached anyone like evrybody else does. I never went to a girl & ask something. I simply sit on my chair & thinking something in complete silence but people come to me & become my friends while i never utter a single word. 

I’ll surely miss her but I am just unable to express her. Hope she will figure it out by herself. 


Finally I got my call letter from Accenture. I am going to join this company on 4th November & my location is Mumbai. Well I got my first preference.

It’s a kind of mixed feeling & there are many reasons. Like Accenture is a world renowned company . So I am happy for being a part of it. But on the other hand it’s not core for electrical engineers. 

2nd reason I am in very much doubt for choosing Mumbai. It’s extremely crowded city. Well that’s not my problem because from past 7 years I am living very far from my family. My problem is as my introvertness is increasing day by day it’s definitely going to be hard interacting with other colleagues . But still I am ready for this challenge.

3rd my ultimate dream of going to europe is still at stake & it’s a compulsion for me to fulfill that dream in next year by applying jobs or other universities. 

I know I am very talented but still my present scenario isn’t that good as it’s looking like.

 Leaving my hometown on 3rd evening for starting a new life. 

Finger crossed.


Yesterday was my convocation which i didn’t attended. My friends were very angry because it was the last time all our college friends were together & I was the only one who was absent. I told them the reason that I wasn’t able to made 40 hrs train journey alone & that too just for 2 days but everyone said 1 thing ” It’s only you who don’t want to come, If people will like something they can go anywhere,crossing every limit. They won’t give any excuses. It was only you who is responsible so don’t give any excuse”. In reality they were actually true. Even I was also not in any mood to meet any of them. it’s not because of my ego., I am not egoistic at all but it was because of my introvert behavior. Now I am avoiding all interactions with everyone just because my mind is not allowing me to do that.

I always made small group of friends since my childhood & I used to talk too much among them but I was never interested in anyone outside that group. I never realized this behavior until I entered in college. Some friends accused me for remaining silent & walking alone & walking behind when I used to be in my friend circle. I never knew this word & I never even realized that it’s a type of behavior. I thought everyone used to be like me. But in 2nd year when I observed large group of friends where half are girls half are boys, I felt demoralized & low that why I can’t live a life like them. I considered there life very cool. But when I observed them closely,I was surprised that how can somebody laugh at such cheap jokes & their topic of interactions are so fake & their arguments & opinions are so shallow. I realized that I can’t make such cheap jokes & debate with such shallow arguments. I can’t do anything which don’t have long term implications like I don’t believe smoking or bike riding because I simply don’t find anything attractive in these things. Anybody can ride bike,anybody can smoke, what’s the big deal in it,what’s so special about it. I love to learn new things,I love listening people who  makes sensible talks,I prefer listening over speaking but I can’t stand a second when useless talks are going on.

Everything changed in my 3rd year when my love got committed with my very good friend & my friend did nothing to stop it even after he knew everything about my feeling. I was more shocked when none of my friend came in front to say that what happened is wrong.  Everybody knew everything but nobody said a word. In those days I was trying hard to interact with people more &more & to act like a party guy but  from that day I lost my faith from friendship & I start preferring isolation. I start living alone even when I had 4 room mates. In final year I went to 1 of my fiend’s room & 1 psychology book was lying on his table. i read 3 pages & there I get to know this “INTROVERT” term first time. I went back to my room & researched more on it & I realized that this is who I am. I am not shy,definitely, I have no problem approaching girls,talking to foreigners or even with big post professional people but I simply avoid human interactions. I like rhythm but I hate noise.

The day i accepted that i am introvert my whole life got changed. i ma extremely good in my work side. I learned professional chess in so short time. Nothing is harder for me, my mind works in different pace. I can learn anything. But I failed terribly in my love life,relationship,somewhat in friendship too & overall in my private life. My emotions are so intense that if I don’t love anything I won’t do it at all but if I do I will dive too deep into it & when things failed it become hard for me to get out of that emotion.

Now my introversion is becoming a big problem for me. like now I have learned almost everything I want,watched every movie I want to see,did everything I want to do but still my brain is so hungry. It needs new thing to learn,new people to talk,new love to make. Now I want change in my life, a huge change but I simply don’t know how & when these changes will come.